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Lancer Concrete SeatLancer Concrete Seat

Lancer Concrete Seat

SKU: LMSE77/05/001

The Lancer range features premium-quality UHPC concrete seating options with a minimalist design. The smoothed corners and unassuming form help it fit into any aesthetic. The Lancer concrete seat is a small profile U-shaped seat with rounded corners making it an ideal spot to rest or perch.

Premium-quality waterproof and graffiti-proof UHPC concrete.

450mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 440mm (H) - 45kg
  • 450mm (L) x 450mm (W) x 440mm (H)
  • 4 standard concrete colours, white, grey, beige and black.
  • E/O concrete colours: yellow, green, orange, red and blue