Tanit M Concrete PlanterTanit M Concrete Planter

Tanit Concrete Planter


The Tanit concrete planter range is a simple yet attractive range that aims to cater to all needs with its vast array of size and shape options. Capacities range from 145L to 2,314L and can hold anything from plants and shrubberies to medium-sized trees. The large aperture opening in the designs allows for efficient rain collection and with a smart watering irrigation system, the water is held for longer and can be accessed over time.

Premium eco-friendly green stamp concrete.
Optional crushed metal charges that give the concrete a metallic appearance.

Tanit S - 1400mm x 420mm x 600mm - 350kg / 210L
Tanit S PT - 1400mm x 420mm x 670mm - 350kg / 210L
Tanit SP - 1000mm x 1000mm x 900mm - 660kg / 531L
Tanit SP w/ feet - 1000mm x 1000mm x 970mm - 660kg / 531L
Tanit SM - 1200mm x 1200mm x 800mm - 940kg / 620L
Tanit SM PT - 1200mm x 1200mm x 870mm - 780kg / 809L
Tanit P-66 - 1300mm x 1300mm x 660mm - 1300kg / 741L
Tanit P-96 - 1300mm x 1300mm x 960mm - 1300kg / 1130L
Tanit M - 1500mm x 1500mm x 800mm - 1150kg / 1180L
Tanit L-60 - 1900mm x 1900mm x 600mm - 1550kg / 1445L
Tanit L-60 w/ feet - 1900mm x 1900mm x 670mm - 1550kg / 1445L
Tanit L-80 - 1900mm x 1900mm x 800mm - 1726kg / 2023L
Tanit L-115 - 1900mm x 1900mm x 1150mm - 2286kg / 3035L
Tanit L-115 PT - 1900mm x 1900mm x 1220mm - 2286kg / 3035L
Tanit 130 - 1300mm x 1300mm x 960mm - 1300kg
    • 4 metallic surface finishes - Bronzse, Corten, Golden, and Black Graphite
    • 5 standard colours - White, Grey, Brown, Ocher, and Black