Solar Smart Bench MiniSolar Smart Bench Mini

Solar Smart Bench Mini


Designed with a sleek steel body and equipped with an 80W solar panel, the Solar Smart Bench Mini is a cutting-edge addition to the urban landscape.

One of the standout features of our "Mini" is its ability to cater to the charging needs of its urban users. With four charge points, it offers both wireless and wired charging options for smartphones and other electronic devices. This convenience allows individuals to power up their devices while enjoying the outdoors, without the worry of running out of battery. Whether it's wirelessly charging a phone or plugging in a device using a cable, this smart bench meets the diverse charging requirements of today's tech-savvy urbanites.

The "Mini" is equipped with a range of monitoring features and can provide valuable insights through the data collected. The cloud-based dashboard gives users and authorities access to real-time information about the bench's usage, temperature, humidity, air pressure, and battery status.

This data enables a better understanding of footfall patterns, popular times of usage, and environmental conditions in the local area. Such insights can help city planners and administrators make informed decisions about urban design, resource allocation, and public space management.

For night-time usage, there is an optional LED light to provide that extra visibility.

With its sleek design, comprehensive features, and data-driven insights, the "Mini" provides a valuable platform for connectivity, sustainability, and community engagement.

Key Features of the Solar Smart Bench Mini

Powered by solar energy

  • 100% standalone energy system
  • Solar Power: 80W
  • Batteries: 60Ah
Environmental sensors
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Pressure
Free WiFi hotspot
  • 4G/LTE Internet, with customisable landing page
Free Battery charging
  • 2 USB chargers
  • 2 Qi Wireless chargers
Branding surfaces
  • Space for customisable artwork/branding
  • Body: Steel
  • Top surface: Acrylic glass
  • Finish: Double layer paint
  • Branding: Two sides
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