Solar Smart Sun Seat street furnitureSolar Smart Sun Seat street furniture

Solar Smart Bench Sun Seat


Introducing the Solar Smart Bench Sun Seat, a revolutionary solar-powered seat designed to maximise existing outdoor spaces without compromising on functionality or aesthetics. With its powerful solar board housed within a sturdy metal casing, the Smart Solar Sun Seat is the perfect addition to public parks, retail and business plazas.

One of the standout features of the Solar Smart Bench Sun Seat is its versatility and ease of installation. This innovative solar seat is specifically designed to be installed on already existing concrete blocks, as well as wooden or concrete seating spaces. By making use of these pre-existing surfaces, the Smart Solar Sun Seat eliminates the need for extensive modifications or additional construction - a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Powered by its integrated 80W solar board, the seat allows visitors to charge their devices using the clean energy generated by the solar panel.

In addition to its solar power capabilities, this solar seat offers comfortable seating in spaces where traditional street furniture additions may not be feasible. It helps create welcoming and inclusive environments, where visitors can now take a moment to rest, relax, or engage in conversations.

For night-time usage, there is an optional LED light to provide that extra visibility.

Key Features of the Solar Smart Bench Sun Seat

Powered by solar energy

  • 100% standalone energy system
  • Solar Power: 80W
  • Batteries: 20Ah
Free Battery charging
  • 2 Qi Wireless chargers
  • 15W fast charge
  • Up to 4 USB chargers (optional)
  • Body: Steel
  • Top surface: Acrylic glass
  • Finish: Powdercoating
  • Standard colour: RAL 7016 smooth matt
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