Street Seating and Dining

Flexible Curbside Platform Planter RailingFlexible Curbside Platform Planter Railing

Planter Railing - Flexible Curbside Platform


The flexible curbside platform is a modular system that enables restaurants, cafes, and other establishments to expand out into closed streets for extra seating and dining space. The curbside platform creates a level surface with the curb on which dining seats, tables, and even benches can be placed. It's a great way of expanding your business footprint in warmer seasons while being able to pack it away in the winter. The flexible curbside platform is entirely customisable with optional planter sections. All metalwork can come in a variety of colour combinations. Each railing section is designed to fit exactly within the flooring panels' pre-drilled hole.

Powder-coated galvanised steel.

1400mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 900mm (H)
  • 1400mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 900mm (H)
  • Multiple colours available