Concrete Seating


LOG 2100 Concrete Seat

SKU: LMSE79/05/003

The Log concrete seating range is a very extensive family of linear benches which have a concrete orthogonal base and that offer an expandable and highly configurable urban furniture set. The Log 2100 are square concrete blocks with crisp square edges. Designed to be used as a corner piece or a contrasting section with the longer Log concrete benches.
  • Highly customisable with or without backrest, armrests and wood finishing
  • Made of durable precast concrete/cast stone, requiring virtually no maintenance
  • Sustainable street furniture due to a long life-span
  • Coloured in mass concrete, acid etched and waterproofed
  • 2100mm x 600mm x 450mm
  • 900kg Weight
  • 4 standard concrete colours, white, grey, beige and black.
  • Anti-skate studs
  • E/O concrete colours: yellow, green, orange, red and blue
  • Full installation service