Solar Shelter E-Bike ChargerSolar Shelter E-Bike Charger

E-Bike Charging Station - Solar Shelter


The e-bike charging station solar shelter is a fantastic point of refuge for cyclists featuring built-in seating, a table, bike parking points, and a customisable information point. The solar shelter combines the e-bike charging station box with more amenities and the added option of dual power with the option of solar charging with the roof panels or mains power by connecting to the grid. This charging station comes fully equipped with everything cyclists need to keep themselves in the saddle including a maintenance kit and air compressor. It also comes equipped with a customisable screen that can show information about the local area, weather forecasts, entertainment, or advertising.

Key Features of the e-bike Charging Station - Solar Shelter

  • Material: Galvanised Steel, KVH Wood, Alubond
  • Battery Storage: 2.5kWh Hoppecke
  • Bifacial Solar Panel: 5 x 450Wp
  • Control Electronics: hybrid, Victron
  • Light: LED + Motion Sensor
  • Charging Light Indicator: Green/blue/red

Basic Equipment

  • 1 x Charging Module Bosch
  • 17" Touch Information Panel
  • PC Aaeon Boxer + Windows
  • 4G Antenna
  • 2 x Schuko Socket 230V/6A
  • 2 x USB Socket
  • Compressor
  • Service Tool Kit
  • Pressure Indicator
  • Cable Winding System
  • 5310mm (L) x 2180mm (W) x 2850mm (H)
  • 3.6kWh Battery Storage
  • Alarm
  • Bicycle Stand
  • Camera (only with vision)
  • Charging Module Bafang 2A
  • Charging Module Bafang Mini 2A
  • Charging Module Bosch
  • Charging Module Shimano 2A
  • Charging Module Shimano 4A
  • Charging Module Specialized Brose 4A
  • Charging Module Specialized SL 4A
  • Charging Module Yamaha 4A
  • Custom Graphic
  • eBike Box
  • eBike Box with Screen
  • Ground Screws
  • Information Panel
  • Litter Bin
  • Station Heating
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot