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Cranleigh Modular Steel PlanterCranleigh Modular Steel Planter

Cranleigh Modular Steel Planter

SKU: CRAN2000-1

The planter module in the Cranleigh Range of modular steel seating is a versatile and innovative addition that significantly expands the possibilities for creating unique and inviting urban spaces.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with the straight and curved benches offered by the range, the planter module opens up endless configurations, allowing urban planners, architects, and landscape designers to unleash their creativity and design urban environments that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The modular design of the Cranleigh Range, which includes the planter module along with straight and curved benches, allows for the easy creation of custom layouts. Planners can combine seating and planters in various arrangements to suit the specific requirements of the location. This flexibility is particularly valuable in spaces with irregular shapes or limited area.

The addition of steel planter modules alongside seating offers a perfect opportunity to incorporate green spaces into urban environments. Placing planters strategically between benches brings nature closer to people, fostering a more calming and enjoyable atmosphere for passersby and visitors.

Defined zones can also easily be created within public spaces. For instance, arranging a combination of modular steel planter and benches can form a cosy seating area, setting it apart from the rest of the open space. This delineation can improve traffic flow and provide people with comfortable spots to relax and socialise.

In larger open areas, the planter module can serve as an effective divider or screening element. Designers can position planters between benches to offer privacy and block views of less attractive areas while still maintaining an open and inviting overall space.

  • Length: 2000mm, Width: 475mm approx., Height: 450mm
  • Seats up to 3-4 people
  • Galvanised steel version
  • Installation service
  • Powder coated to standard RAL