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modular steel circular bench arcmodular steel circular bench arc

Cranleigh Modular Steel Arc Bench


Our Cranleigh steel arc bench adds a captivating curved dimension to your modular seating arrangements. Designed to complement the Cranleigh modular steel bench range, the arc is a quarter of a circle that can be combined with other arc modules or straight benches to create a full circular bench or unique seating configurations that seamlessly integrate into any outdoor space.

The arc module brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your seating design. Its graceful curves and seamless integration with straight benches from the same range allow you to create captivating circular seating arrangements. Imagine a stunning focal point on a city roof terrace or a welcoming gathering space in a public plaza - the arc bench enables you to realise these visions with ease.

Whether you want to create a cosy conversation nook or a larger gathering spot, the modular element allows you to adapt and customise the seating configuration to suit your specific needs. Combine multiple arc modules to form a complete circle or mix and match with straight benches to achieve a unique arrangement that enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space.

The modular design of the Cranleigh steel arc bench ensures ease of installation, maintenance, and future expansion. Each module seamlessly connects with precision, creating a robust and stable circular seating arrangement. Should any module require maintenance or replacement, it can be easily removed without disrupting the entire configuration, minimising downtime and cost.

Like the other elements of the Cranleigh modular steel bench range, the arc bench exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship and durability. Manufactured from high-quality steel, these benches are designed to withstand the rigours of outdoor environments, ensuring long-lasting performance and enjoyment for users.

Whether you're designing a serene park, a vibrant urban square, or a corporate courtyard, the Cranleigh modular benches empower you to create captivating seating configurations that elevate the visual appeal and functionality of your space. With its modular flexibility and seamless integration, the arc seating module brings a touch of elegance and charm to any landscape, fostering a sense of community and inviting people to connect and engage in inspiring surroundings.

  • Length: 2000mm (1250mm external radius), Width: 475mm, Height: 450mm
  • Seats up to 1-2 people
  • Galvanised steel version
  • Installation service
  • Powder coated to standard RAL