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Caribou Recycled Plastic Moulded SeatingCaribou Recycled Plastic Moulded Seating

Caribou Recycled Plastic Moulded Seating - Curve

SKU: LMSE99/06/003

Caribou is a collection of street furniture made of recycled plastic that has been specially conceived to create a vibrant public space that invites social interactions. The Curve model is an element that combined with itself can be closed in the form of a ring or generate meandering shapes. Made of plastic waste recycled polyethylene, Caribou’s uniqueness lies not only in its organic and universal design, but also in its commitment to the environment.
  • Three different shape seating elements that can be combined or used as standalone seating
  • Urban contemporary design
  • Limitless configurations achievable
  • Recycled plastic is a highly sustainable material that is made with energy-efficient manufacturing methods without the high environmental cost that new plastic production entails. Moreover, products made from recycled plastic help reduce waste and have a longer lifespan than the same product made from traditional materials. And once the product has reached the end of its life, the plastic can simply be recycled and reused again.
  • 1820 x 1420 x 400 mm, 70kg
  • 7no. Colours
  • Full installation service
  • Straight Version