Recycled Plastic Benches

Caribou Curve Recycled Plastic BenchCaribou Curve Recycled Plastic Bench

Caribou Curve Recycled Plastic Bench

SKU: LMSE99/06/003

The Caribou recycled plastic bench range is designed to be entirely modular with a curious geometry that can connect or remain separate, to create interesting interactive seating arrangements. The Caribou range features vivid colours and smooth rounded edges making them ideal in nursery or school settings. There are four models in the range including the star, straight, curve, and arc. All models can be filled with water or sand to anchor them in place.

Recycled low-density polyethylene (LDPE)

Caribou Curve - 1800mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 400mm (H) - 70kg
  • 1800mm (L) x 1400mm (W) x 400mm (H)
  • 7no. Colours
  • Straight Version