Landmark ready to help UK firms get back to work – safely

Landmark ready to help UK firms get back to work – safely

With more construction firms, building developers and manufacturers returning to work and an anticipated relaxation in COVID-19 guidelines next week, a Wales-based company has begun supplying products to help keep workers and the public safe.

Landmark Street Furniture has launched a range of products to ensure social distancing can be maintained within construction sites as well as at other business premises.

“Several major housing construction companies and developers, as well as manufacturers, have already confirmed they will restart work and production throughout the UK over the coming weeks,” said Robert Hawgood, Managing Director of Landmark, based in Caersws, Powys, Mid Wales.

Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of employees

“There will be an onus on them to ensure the health and wellbeing of workers on such sites as well as the public, amid the COVID-19 social distancing regulations, such as maintaining the two-metre distancing.

“We’ve adapted some of our product range to help businesses maintain social distancing which could go on for many months to come. With this in mind, it’s best to implement some semi-permanent systems for the medium-term.”

Landmark normally works with developers, architects, local authorities and others to design and install a range of outdoor street furniture. These include access control, canopies and walkways, bicycle storage, landscape storage and structures, seating and smoking shelters among many others.

Its COVID-19 Social Distancing Products include belt posts for guiding pedestrians, barriers, face shields and masks, line painting applicators for ensuring distancing, sneeze screens and signage

More employees are returning to work

The Health and Safety Executive has issued specific guidance for businesses where employees cannot work from home. It states: “Employers who have people in their offices or on-site should ensure that employees are able, where possible, to follow Public Health England guidelines on social distancing (including, where possible, maintaining a 2-metre distance from others), and hygiene.”

The guidance is mirrored in Wales and Scotland.

It means clearly defined areas should be marked out for employees to adhere to, along with barriers. In some cases, particularly if employees are public-facing, face guards and visors need to be used.

“Our range will help companies comply to the guidelines as well as providing reassurance for workers.

Guidance for construction companies and manufacturers can be found at the government website. More details can be obtained about social distancing in the work environment by contacting Landmark on 01686 689198, email or visits

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