From a streetscape to a railway station – creating the right built environment

From a streetscape to a railway station – creating the right built environment

Creating the right environment is crucial to the success of any project in the built environment, as any architect will tell you. From the overall design to the products and materials used. If one element doesn’t fit, the whole project can fail.

Whether it’s a large-scale commercial office development, a retail centre, residential complex, or even a railway station, the successful combination of design, materials and construction is both aesthetically and physically important.

Street furniture has become a key component in an architect’s specifications for public and private areas.

Robert Hawgood, Managing Director of Landmark Street Furniture, which provides design, build and installation services for street furniture, explains why.

Street furniture is an integral part of the architectural jigsaw

“When you look at a completed jigsaw puzzle it looks perfect. But if a piece is missing, then it prevents the final image from looking finished being enjoyed. That is exactly the same within the built environment.

“Over the years, construction projects have been built with an emphasis on the major rather than the minor. Often, little thought has gone into the smaller elements that make up the final development.

“Take a look at a residential development. You have apartment blocks and houses. The structures. But what’s around them? What makes that location a ‘place’ for people?

“The 1960s and 1970s saw many developments built with an emphasis on the places people would live but not the environment they would live in.

“Today, we understand that, for example, street furniture has to be incorporated into the built environment to provide social, recreational, security and aesthetic values.”

Working with architects and building specifiers

Mr Hawgood said he and his team work with architects and building specifiers on a range of construction projects within the private and public sectors to ensure the right environment is created.

“It’s about the mix. We’re seeing the term ‘garden street’ used more, particularly in light of the coronavirus situation. This is about creating an environment that is attractive, safe and practical for all to use.

“Whether it’s a pedestrianised area, cordoned off with attractive bollards and planters; seating for residents, workers or visitors to use; secure cycle storage or covered areas for people to meet.

“The same principle works in town centres, retail parks and commercial office developments. It’s about ensuring you have the right balance and infrastructure in place to make the overall building environment work.”

Large-scale construction to streetscape projects

Landmark has worked on a range of projects, from small-scale street projects to large blue-chip company manufacturing sites.

I54 near Wolverhampton is a good example of how an area that could have been left vacant alongside a manufacturing facility has been turned into a green and relaxing staff area.

Drake Circus forms part of a busy town centre retail area. A combination of seating, planters, bollards and other products has ensured it is a friendly and pedestrian safe area.

Park Place Plaza is a mix of residential, office and retail space. Bringing each element together meant incorporating seating, planters, litter control and green areas to match each part of the environment – living and working.

Kenilworth Station was one part of the most significant update to the UK railway network. Street furniture was needed that fitted the architectural design, making it attractive, practical and durable.

Landmark Street Furniture is one of the leading suppliers and installers of secure bike storage systems and street furniture in the UK, working with multi-national blue-chip companies through to small and medium-sized businesses, colleges and universities, shopping centres and the public sector.

Based near Newtown, Powys, in Mid Wales, it has customers throughout the UK and provides a one-stop-shop for the planning, design and installation of products including access control, anti-skate studs, bollards, planters and benches, canopies and walkways, landscape structure and buildings, litter control and COVID-19 distancing products.

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